[svlug] Help with Linux Performance Management

Tim tim at tetro.net
Wed Nov 12 23:00:10 PST 2003

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 07:36:35PM -0800, Robert Tarte wrote:
> My name is Rob Tarte, President of Pacific CodeWorks, a Santa Cruz based 
> provider of UNIX based systems performance management solutions.  Our 
> flagship product, Olympus TuneUp has been on the market for over eight 
> years and is the premier remote monitoring, tuning and performance 
> management tool for SCO Openserver.  In response to requests from our 
> current customers, Pacific CodeWorks is developing a version of TuneUp 
> for Linux.

I'm just curious why it took so long to figure out that Linux would be a
viable market for your product.  It must have surpassed SCO's userbase
many years ago.

   - Tim

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