[svlug] Invitation - Debian meeting tomorrow Wed 11/12 6-9+PM, SouthBay. WIFI, IRC, Voice, Video

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Tue Nov 11 05:56:37 PST 2003

You are invited to the November Bay Area Debian monthly meeting.  :)

The Bay Area Debian group will be having it's monthly meeting tomorrow,
Wed 11/12, 6-9+PM, at a SouthSFBay Area location.  The finalized meeting
location will be provided Tuesday evening, in a post to the BAD list -

Anyone with an interest in Debian is welcome.  :)

Our normal mode is an open ended discussion group, where people talk
about anything of interest.

A special topic this meeting is: Learning & installing WIFI, IRC, Voice &
Video - in preparation for putting on the WW Linux FSW GPL VideoConferenc
& SW Development Event

If you have any interest in any of the following, this meeting might be
of interest to you:
Linux, Debian, 802.11b WIFI, IRC (Text, voice, video), Remote meeting
technology, and the World Wide Linux GNU FSW GPL VideoNetCast Conference
& SW DevelopmentEvent/Hackfest.

Background:  In preparation for the
World Wide Linux GNU FSW GPL VideoNetCast Conference & SW
DevelopmentEvent/Hackfest http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?WwdebVideoconf
we will be setting up IRC communications (& perhaps more, such as voice &
video) from the meeting site, to let remote sites interact with the main

If you have skills in one of these areas, and would like to provide some
volunteer help for an interesting project/event, you are especially
encouraged to attend.

You don't need to have IRC skills to join us.  Learners welcome.  But,
you're especially encouraged to join us if you do have skill in IRC
server setup & admin, or channel admin. Also VOIP (point2point, or server
based) setup or admin skills.

To enjoy fullest participation, bring you wifi'd laptop :)

Look for last minute details on the BAD mailing list or archives,
and also at the WWDVC wiki:

See you there!

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