[svlug] Red Hat and the ISVs?

Craig Oda craigoda at communitybuilders.info
Mon Nov 10 15:47:51 PST 2003

When I used to use Debian, I remember there were clearly defined 
releases and the releases were spaced far apart.  So, if I was using 
something like woody, I could use it a long time and get the packages 
that everyone else was using.  From the Red Hat site when they describe 
Fedora as:

"Bleeding edge technology released early and often"

This doesn't seem to be the description of something I would want to use 
as a "productive" workstation.  The site further goes on to say that the 
release interval is 4-6 months.

I don't mind updating individual applications fairly regularly.

This said, I'll most likely update to Fedora soon and see how it goes.  
But, I'll be considering alternatives.  And, with the support of Novell, 
I'll really take another look at SuSE.  This might be the way to go.

I'm interested in hearing opinions.  Feel free to send me email directly.

-- Craig

John McDonnell wrote:

>On the 10th day of November, Craig Oda said to me:
>>So, if the only way to get RHEL is to buy it, I feel they will go for
>>another distribution (such as Debian).
>Why do you think they'll go for Debian over Fedora? What does Debian have 
>to offer in an enterprise environment that Fedora does not?

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