[svlug] Redhat reboot weekly

Rafael Skodlar raffi at linwin.com
Mon Nov 10 13:14:27 PST 2003

On Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 12:30:20PM -0800, Webb Sprague wrote:
> Hi all,
> I found one newsgroup thing about this on google, but that is the only
> one, it is 4 years old. So...
> RH 9 machine reboots every Sunday at 4:00 am, but we can't find out
> why.  Looked through logs and grepped for shutdown in /etc, to no
> avail.

Check scripts in /etc/cron.weekly

4:00 am is odd time used by RH to screwup logs etc.

> Any help is most appreciated.


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