[svlug] Red Hat and the ISVs?

Craig Oda craigoda at communitybuilders.info
Mon Nov 10 12:02:26 PST 2003

So, this is the core of my question...

 From the information that Don provided and what I can gleam from Red 
Hat's web site, I'm starting to think that small ISVs will have to pay 
money to get a hold of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
  Scenario 1) Imagine that I'm a small server-side Linux software 
startup with about 12 people in the company.  Cash is tight.  I want to 
download the server from the Internet and not pay.  However, I can't do 
this right?  Or, can I?   I don't feel that the target market I'm 
selling to will pay for the Linux OS (for example HPC or hosting 
markets).  So, if the only way to get RHEL is to buy it, I feel they 
will go for another distribution (such as Debian).
  Scenario 2) I want to run a Linux workstation at home for all the 
usual reasons of fun and excitement, plus get some office work done at 
home.  I can't download RHEL WS 3 and avoid paying the $179 can I?   I 
plan to rely on Linux community for support and don't need commecial support

If there is a FAQ for this somewhere, please let me know.  I'm curious 
as to the impact that Red Hat's new strategy will have on small ISVs.  
Two angles - cost and total available market...  


Don Marti wrote:

>begin Walt Reed quotation of Mon, Nov 10, 2003 at 12:48:36PM -0500:
>>If I'm a small-time developer supporting multiple distros, it would get
>>expensive if everyone did what RH is doing. If I want to create a
>>package for itanium or AMD64, now I need the $2,000 version of RHEL.
>Red Hat did offer a cheap developer release of RHEL, but I
>don't know where it's listed on their site.

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