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Sat Nov 8 04:50:03 PST 2003

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Site Reliability Engineer 
Positions based in Mountain View, CA and New York NY. 

Are you part ace scripter or coder, part networking and UNIX/Linux expert,
and part adrenalin junkie? Do you have a knack for seeing a problem and
immediately discerning the likely solution? Maybe you've been coding for
years, are bored with the old design-build-review-test-ship-repeat routine,
and yearn for some faster-paced challenges? Or perhaps you're a genius at
jockeying networks and administering UNIX clusters, but are eager to hone
your scripting skills in the forge that is Google? 

We're looking for top-notch CS-oriented thrill seekers to join our Site
Reliability team. Site Reliability Engineers are in the thick of everything
involved with keeping Google running, from troubleshooting traffic anomalies
to maintenance of our services, from monitoring and alerts to building new
automation infrastructure. We have a wide range of current openings for
junior and senior positions - all require strong analytical and
troubleshooting skills, fluency in scripting or coding, good communication
skills, and most of all enthusiasm for tackling the complex problems of
scale which are uniquely Google. Site Reliability Engineers tackle
challenging, novel situations every day, and work with just about every
other engineering and operations team in the process. 


BA/BS in CS, or equivalent experience. 
In-depth knowledge of Unix (especially Linux), networking, and shell
Proven technical troubleshooting experience. 
Excellent analytic ability, strong communication skills, and a strong sense
of urgency. 
Ability to handle periodic on-call duty as well as out-of-band requests. 
3+ years experience in a similar position a big plus. 
Experience with Unix system administration a plus. 

For immediate consideration, please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of
your resume to jobs at google.com. Important: The subject field of your email
must include Site Reliability Engineer and the location of interest. For
example, if you are interested in the Mountain View position, your subject
line should be: Site Reliability Engineer - Mountain View. 

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