[svlug] What is with labels?

Larry Colen lrclug at red4est.com
Fri Nov 7 23:31:56 PST 2003

I'm trying to upgrade my system and rh9 is spazzing out because I've 
got directory subtrees that are symbolic links to trees on other

For example /usr is a partition and /vault is a partiion but
/usr/local is a symbolic link to /vault/local (I ran out of space on
the /usr partition).  I wanted to move /usr from /dev/hda6 to
/dev/hda11 (which used to be /vault).  

I made the changes in /etc/fstab:
LABEL=/usr           /oldusr                 ext3    defaults        1  2
LABEL=/vault              /usr                    ext3    defaults   1 2

And that sort of seems to work. It perturbs my sense of aesthetic that
/oldusr is on /usr and /usr is on /vault.

I can't seem to find any good documentation on how labels work, where
the data is kept (in a file, in the partition table, in the aether?)
and how it is modified.

Meanwhile the system complains about there not being enough space on
/var but a df shows it to only be 15% full.

/dev/hda6              3162420   2473856    527916  83% /oldusr
/dev/hda5              3162420    430664   2571108  15% /var
/dev/hda10             7906164   3540208   3964336  48% /var/www
/dev/hda11            23719032   6107248  16406912  28% /usr
/dev/hda12            21607920  15399224   5111060  76% /vault2

Can someone please point me to some decent documentation about how
labels, /etc/fstab and any other files or programs work?


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