[svlug] RPM from Gentoo

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Thu Nov 6 00:06:54 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 18:48:56 -0800
Kim <kim at linuxpuppy.net> wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 November 2003 03:25 pm, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> > On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 17:14:08 -0800
> >
> {big snip}
> > BTW I saw that on the monitor thread someone mentioned knoppix...
> > it seems another promising distro.

> Knoppix is basicly a live cd version of debian. Knoppix has pretty
> good hardware detection too.

Here it has a reasonably large community. The fact that it is based on
Debian, they chose newer packages for some of the desktop apps and it
has an easier way to be installed (including HW detection) makes it an
interesting non commercial distro for desktop since the future of RH
and SUSE is uncertain.

Actually SUSE has been acquired by Novell who also acquired Ximian,
KDE and GNOME toghether... hard to think they will stop to sell
desktop versions, just wondering about some more crippling license
(YAST) or higher price for the boxes...

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