[svlug] RPM from Gentoo

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Wed Nov 5 15:25:40 PST 2003

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 17:14:08 -0800
Kim <kim at linuxpuppy.net> wrote:

> For each tarball do:
> ./configure
> make
> checkinstall --noinstall

> You will end up with (in this case) 17 rpms that all together make
> up kde.

This was the missing step... but I remember there were some tools
pkg[something] maybe to build up rpm-alike.

But if this work... it is OK. I'd prefer something else to rpm.
I think I'll have to check somewhere here to be sure I was not
maybe this

> 10. Create a bootable (e-ltorito)cd (follow the micr-distros
> instructions) You will need mkisofs and growisofs (possably others)
> and the appropriate flags for each command.

>From here to the end things could be a bit improved to have... mmm a
script that read a list of packages that have to be installed... a
bootstrap script... something to automate partitioning...

> A simpler way:
> Sounds like a lot of work. Something much easier (if it fits your
> needs) is to make an image of your /boot and / partitions and then
> to clone a box take the disk from the new box (assuming its a blank

mmm this seems like making your personal stage3.
What I would like is selecting packages that have to be installed on
different boxes... and then being able to update them using portage if

> Other possability:

> You could also consider using one of the disk cloning progs like
> ghost. I don't know much about them but its another possability.

awful ;)

> As far as problems caused by incorrect USE flags, search on
> forums.gentoo.org and you'll find many more specific examples than I
> can recall. There is also a USE flag tutorial on gentoo.org that
> gives lots of good info.

What I think can cause problems is changing USE on the run, compiling
half of the packages with some USE and others with different ones may
end up in packages that rely on the fact that other packages have some
functionality they don't have.

What I'd be more worried is a not working system. Surely if I place a
-alsa I don't expect t have sound, that's OK... just I'm worried that
some set of USE or an anorexic set may make the sysem unstable or
I'll give a look to the tutorial.

> PS: if you actually try this, let me know. Would be fun to see a
> working solution.

I've to set up some boxes with a distro I know better to have some
redundancy for my work. Once I'll feel comfortable I can survive to at
least a couple of natural disasters I'll put up a test box with
Gentoo... and maybe FreeBSD.

While I'll test if Gentoo is enough stable for me to be deployed on
other boxes I'll test if there is a faster way to install it without
using a whole stage3.

Of course it is not a WE project...

BTW I saw that on the monitor thread someone mentioned knoppix... it
seems another promising distro.

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