[svlug] Monitor Problem

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Wed Nov 5 13:30:42 PST 2003

Karl Larsen wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Erik Steffl wrote:
>>Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Erik Steffl wrote:
>>>>Karl Larsen wrote:
>>>>>	This afternoon I tried to load debian onto a partition of this 
>>>>>computer and it failed for an odd reason. I rebooted and put the debian 
>>>>  it might help to try knoppix and see what hw it autodetects... as 
>>>>another post said it's problaby wrong X config (if knoppix works check 
>>>>how it configures X).
>>>>	erik
>>>	Maybe I was not clear. I boot up with cd1 of debian and my bios 
>>>is set to boot from a cd and it does. I get a crude page on the monitor 
>>>that tells me this cd can be used as a rescue device. To install just 
>>>hit enter.
>>>	I hit enter and I see a kernel start to load, and then the 
>>>screen goes blank. 
>>>	The next time I pressed all the function keys and tried several 
>>>special boot parameters but none of those worked either. I guess the 
>>>next step is to make a darn floppy and see if I can see anything that 
>>   it might be useful to say when exactly the screen goes blank - what 
>>is the last message you see? does it go black while kernel is loading 
>>(the dots right after LILO)? or do you see some messages first (which 
>>one is the last one - that might indicate the problem).
> 	I never see the LILO prompt. I see writing that says "to install 

   sorry, I guess CD does not have LILO prompt

> hit enter". I hit enter and quickly it shows a couple of lines that say 
> "loading" and then the screen goes blank.

   if it's only a couple of line it looks like kernel problem. You said 
that the redhat worked on the same machine? which kernel version was it 

   what HW do you have? (motherboard, video, audio, network, disks (any 
SATA disks?))

>>   still - try knoppix (no need to install it, it runs directly off the 
>>CD), it's basically debian but has fairly good hw autodetection, I think 
>>it has newer kernel than debian stable.

   this is your best bet I guess. If it works you can install it to HD 
later and turn it into regular debian distro (I have never tried it so I 
am not sure how hard it is to go from knoppix to more or less real debian)


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