[svlug] Red Hat pulls plugs on Red Hat Linux product line

Kim kim at linuxpuppy.net
Wed Nov 5 13:54:51 PST 2003

I havent seen any gentoo equiv of linuxconf with gentoo, but that dosent mean 
there isn't a similar beast.

If you install gentoo from stage one, by the time you're done I doubt you 
would need a gui tool to config the system. You might want to go and grab the 
gentoo install docs from http://www.gentoo.org and read through them to get 
an idea of what you're getting into. (they are long, but very well written)

But don't expect the install can be done in a day. (maybe it can) But my last 
gentoo install took about a week for me to get everything setup and tweaked 
to my idea of what a PC should be like.

A hint: plan on installing things like kde, gnome or open-office just before 
you go to bed and check in the morning if everything compiled correctly.

Also, pay extra attention to setting up your USE flags. It's easy to waste a 
lot of time building a botched system if you mess up here. Take extra care 
also when you config your kernal. This is another sticky place that folks 
mess up when first trying gentoo. If you're not comfy building kernals, do a 
bunch of reading kernal docs to get the idea of whats what. 

If all else fails, search the gentoo forum for an answer. or join the gentoo 
irc group on freenode.net. Last I was there, there were over 600 people in 
the forum to ask for help. You'll find some real brains there who are more 
than willing to help out.

btw: "hand tweaking config files" is a big part of what gentoo is all about. 
You should get very comfy with a text editor right from day one cuz you'll be 
using it a LOT.

With all those resources available, its hard to imagine anyone not being able 
to be sucessful with gentoo. Go for it !!! (you'll never look back)


On Tuesday 04 November 2003 09:20 pm, Gary Lin wrote:
> Thanks so much for all the responses.  One more question about gentoo
> though (Sorry for being too greedy =) ).  Does Gentoo provides any
> configuration tool similar to linuxconf?  I have been very happy with
> linuxconf (until RH takes it away starting in the 7.3 release) since
> linuxconf provide a text based (rather than X-based) UI interface for
> easy service configuration via a text based ssh connection.  I can also
> save some troubles of hand tweaking the configuration file when I just
> need to do some generic configuration for certain services.
> I am really tempting to do the switch especially after hearing so much
> good words from posts.  Other than gentoo, any other possible
> suggestions?  I think I will have until next April to do all my
> evaluations.  Thanks. =)
> -- Gary
> Kim wrote:
> >Hi Gary;
> >
> >I can't speak of Fedora (never heard of it untill today), but I can say
> > I've been using Gentoo since 1.1 (now 1.4)  and I can't say a
> > discouraging word about it.
> >
> >In fact, it teaches you more during the install than a year using any
> > canned distro. You pretty much end up with the same customised thing you
> > get if you went with LFS. But with some of the jagged (LFS) install edges
> > sanded down a bit. (I'm talking of a stage 1 Gentoo install)
> >
> >And for as long as I've been using Gentoo, I've NEVER had a crash. I can't
> > say that about most of the other distros I've had the pleasure of trying.
> >
> >Gary, all the services you mention can be set-up and used with Gentoo.
> > Quite easily, and with no cost, and with a HUGE user base active in both
> > the Gentoo forums and Gentoo mailing list. I'd recomend the forum. If you
> > have a problem, chances are someone else has had it too and a solution
> > has been posted.
> >
> >Kim
> >
> >On Tuesday 04 November 2003 03:30 pm, Gary Lin wrote:
> >>Has anyone actually tried Fedora? I am current running RH 9.0 as the
> >>cheap server solution for a non-profit organization (For web, email,
> >>DNS, Samba, SSHd, and etc).  I wonder what distribution I should use in
> >>the future so I don't have to actually pay for it?  Is Fedora a good
> >>choice?  I heard people were talking about gentoo.  Is that a good
> >>choice too?  I think I should start thinking about migrating my system
> >>before RedHat discontinue its support on April.  Any good suggestion?
> >>
> >>-- Gary
> >>
> >>David Hummel wrote:
> >>>On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 04:14:16PM -0500, J C Lawrence wrote:
> >>>>On Tue, 4 Nov 2003 13:10:30 -0800, David E Weekly <david at weekly.org>
> >>>>
> >>>>wrote:
> >>>>>Kim, As far as I understand it, Fedora is a wholesale update of
> >>>>>RedHat 9. It simply won't be available in boxes at Fry's and you
> >>>>>can't buy support for it. There will be automatic updates,
> >>>>>everything will still be RPM'ed, and it should be possible to
> >>>>>upgrade to Fedora from previous versions of RedHat.
> >>>>
> >>>>In short, Fedora is an attempt to clone Debian without bothering to
> >>>>pick up the design traits that make Debian so attractive and useful.
> >>>
> >>>As I understand it so far, the Fedora project is not attempting to clone
> >>>Debian, but rather to incorporate some of the best tools from Debian
> >>>(apt, etc.), which seems like a good thing.  I'm not sure about the
> >>>"design traits" you are referring to.  Hopefully it will be a
> >>>best-of-both-worlds type of situation, which remains to be seen.
> >>>
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