[svlug] Red Hat pulls plugs on Red Hat Linux product line

Kim kim at linuxpuppy.net
Wed Nov 5 13:20:56 PST 2003

Shure, no prob.

first, on yor Gentoo box, emerge the RPM packages
# emerge rpm
the version I have is rpm-4.2_pre069.

Next, go here: 
http://checkinstall.izto.org do a bit of reading about checkinstall, grab the 
tarball and unpack it. The README has good instructions on how to build 
checkinstall for the first time. It ends up making an RPM of itself and 
re-installs itself as an RPM (slick!)

To use it, grab yorself a nice source tarball and do the normal ./configure, 
make, and here, instead of finishing with "make install" use "checkinstall" 
instead. You will get prompted for a bit of info like: do you want to make a 
debian, RPM or slackware package?

A few other quick choices to make and like magic, you now have an RPM that can 
be manipulated by standard RPM commands for installing, quering or removing 

If you don't like the software after trying it, just: RPM -e yourpackagename.
To view all the stuff you installe without portage do: RPM -qa.
To install a newer version of a package use the noinstall flag when you build 
your new package and then use RPM -Uvh your-newer-package-name.rpm

Portage is great, but not everything is in the gentoo source tree. Using 
checkinstall gives a nice easy way to install stuff and keep trackof and 
manage your non-gentoo packages.

The README file has lots of more specific info.

Hope thats enough info to get you going.


On Tuesday 04 November 2003 08:15 pm, HvR wrote:
> KIm,
> i have a gentoo system, can you be more precise on which exact commands
> i can use to use rpm with homebuild tarballs? so first i do:
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> in your case what are my commands to install the package using rpm?

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