[svlug] Monitor Problem

Nick Austin nick at digitalpipe.net
Tue Nov 4 14:30:20 PST 2003

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I'll bet the box started in runlevel 5 and X was configured for a 
resolution or refresh rate that the LCD can not handle. Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 
and see if you get a text console, then run 'XFree86 -configure' and see 
if that improves the situation.

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Karl Larsen wrote:

> 	This afternoon I tried to load debian onto a partition of this 
> computer and it failed for an odd reason. I rebooted and put the debian 
> cd 1 into the drive and the computer booted from the cd-rom. It said to 
> just hit enter for a normal load.
> 	I did this and saw part of the kernel loading and then the 
> screen went blank. It stayed blank for 5 minutes. I used Ctrl-Alt-Delete 
> and it dropped out and I could use the computer again. 
> 	The monitor is a 17 inch liquid crystal made by KDS and it's 
> called a RAD-7c. It is a really fine monitor and is easy on the eyes. 
> But I think the problem must be with the monitor. 
> 	I loaded this Red Hat 9 using this monitor and it worked just 
> great. Any ideas?

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