[svlug] DVD burner question

Scott Hess scott at doubleu.com
Tue Nov 4 11:08:00 PST 2003

I had a 10-pack of DVD-R media (Memorex 4x, I think), and a DVD+RW disc
(Ridata 2.4x or 4x, I think).  I've had no luck trying to rewrite the
DVD+RW, or reformat, or anything.  Every time with the media error.

In a past life, I had a CD-R drive "fail", but it turned out to be a dodgy
power supply, so I moved it to a different machine, same error.  It
doesn't even seem to try to write, it seems like it's a controller issue
or something (but being able to write CD-R's is surprising).  The only
other external factor I can think of is that it's gotten cold the past
couple days, but, if it's crapping out because it's 65 degrees, well, then
it's going back _anyhow_.

I'm thinking of going with the LG drive that got the good reviews on Tom's 
Hardware.  After poking around to see what the net thinks of it WRT Linux, 
of course.  And maybe prices will fall some more in preparation for 
Christmas :-).

[I've actually never had a problem returning things at Fry's.  They seem
to just shrug and throw it back in the pile.]


On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Kim wrote:
> Hi Scott;
> Was the second time you tried burning a dvd on exactly the same
> kind/brand of media? Like another blank dvd from the same box as the
> first one? Are you using RW media without formatting it first?
> I've been messing around with the dvd burner for the past few days and
> have managed to make it do everything I expected (and more). I did make
> a few coasters but now everything is perfect.
> I'm using the HP writer (300i) and its only 50 bucks more than the
> Polaroid and I feel pretty confident saying that it works fine with
> Linux. It comes with one dvd+rw. I got a fifty pack of Fujifilm dvd+r
> blank media for about sixty dollars. Thats just a bit over a buck-a-disk
> and not as painfull when you burn a coaster. And the burner seems very
> happy with them.
> I've even been able to make backups of the dvd9 movies I own onto dvd5
> media in under two hours without loosing the dvd menus. Transcode can do
> this too, but the procedure is more complicated and takes just a bit
> longer than forever.
> Anyway, good luck with replacing your burner. I know what a pain it is
> to return something to Frys.
> Kim
> On Tuesday 04 November 2003 12:06 am, Scott Hess wrote:
> > So, I spoke too soon.  Last weekend, I tried writing a DVD+RW data iso,
> > fine, fine, then I tried a DVD-R data iso, fine, fine.  Basically just a
> > very large CD-R.  Having "proven"  that things were working, I let it
> > hang.
> >
> > This past weekend, I couldn't write DVD-R or +RW.  I can write CD-R's, no
> > problem at all, just works.  Reading anything seems to work fine.  DVD-R
> > or +RW says "Unit won't start: "  followed by hex digits, and "unsupported
> > MMC profile 0".  No reboots, no changes at all (it took a week to try
> > another disk because I haven't had time for such fun).
> >
> > As a sanity check, I installed Win95 on a spare box, but the drivers
> > wouldn't install (DVD box claims win95 support, "Roxio Easy DVD/CD
> > Creator" says it doesn't support Windows 98 Gold, whatever that might be).
> > That felt good.
> >
> > Oh, well, I guess I get to wait in line at Fry's, tomorrow.  Now I have to
> > consider whether this was a fluke, and I can go ahead and grab a generic
> > $100 drive, or whether I should consider getting a brand name drive with
> > long Linux pedigree.  The latter doesn't generally pay in the CD-R world,
> > but it's still early for DVD-R.
> >
> > Later,
> > scott
> >
> > On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, Scott Hess wrote:
> > > On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, Kim wrote:
> > > > I'm considering replacing my CD burner with a DVD burner. Can anyone
> > > > share your experience (good or bad) about using these devices with
> > > > Linux?
> > >
> > > On Thursday, I was in Fry's and they had a "Polaroid" DVD +/- RW burner
> > > for $150 (normally $180).  I'd been pondering purchase of a DVD-R writer,
> > > so, on impulse, I bought the darn thing.  It can't be _that_ bad,
> > > dual-mode can't hurt, and this is much cheaper than my first CD-R drive
> > > was, lo these many years ago.
> > >
> > > Replaced my CD-RW, booted, and there it was.  Used dvd+rw-tools to write
> > > a very very large ISO to a DVD+RW, no problem.  Though I think I'll grab
> > > dvdrecord (hacked cdrecord) for future use - I'm still more trusting of
> > > doing separate passes for iso generation and burning.  So I haven't done
> > > much interesting, but so far I'm guessing it "just works".  The MMC
> > > standard which makes any-old-CD-RW-drive work well enough for Linux
> > > appears to still pertain to DVD recorders.
> > >
> > > [Of course, this morning my brother sent me an email asking if a $120
> > > on-line deal for the drive discussed at
> > > http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.cfm?catid=40&threadid=1169286 was
> > > reasonable.  Darn him!]
> > >
> > > Later,
> > > scott
> >
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