[svlug] Red Hat pulls plugs on Red Hat Linux product line

Kim kim at linuxpuppy.net
Tue Nov 4 13:23:10 PST 2003


Red Hat yesterday unveiled its answer to the vexed question of what it should 
do about its consumer line - dump it. This is not quite how CEO Matthew 
Szulik put it to The Register over lunch yesterday, nor indeed did he say 
flat out 'oh, by the way, we're shooting the Red Hat Linux distribution when 
North Carolina wakes up, bye now,' but that is indeed what the company did.

Red Hat maintenance and support for Red Hat linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 will 
end as of 31st December 2003, and for Red Hat 9 as of 30th April 2004. "Red 
Hat does not plan to release another product in the Red Hat Linux line," says 
the 'you're fired' email sent out to The Register's Red Hat Network account 
yesterday. Red Hat Linux channels will remain open for six months after the 
product's end of life date, but no new errata will be posted after EOL, and 
no Red Hat Network support accounts could be bought or renewed as of 
yesterday. So it's very dead, very soon, and Red Hat is now about Red Hat 
Enterprise and... Fedora.

And Novell is buying SuSE...


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