[svlug] DVD burner question

Scott Hess scott at doubleu.com
Tue Nov 4 00:06:38 PST 2003

So, I spoke too soon.  Last weekend, I tried writing a DVD+RW data iso,
fine, fine, then I tried a DVD-R data iso, fine, fine.  Basically just a
very large CD-R.  Having "proven"  that things were working, I let it

This past weekend, I couldn't write DVD-R or +RW.  I can write CD-R's, no
problem at all, just works.  Reading anything seems to work fine.  DVD-R
or +RW says "Unit won't start: "  followed by hex digits, and "unsupported
MMC profile 0".  No reboots, no changes at all (it took a week to try
another disk because I haven't had time for such fun).

As a sanity check, I installed Win95 on a spare box, but the drivers
wouldn't install (DVD box claims win95 support, "Roxio Easy DVD/CD
Creator" says it doesn't support Windows 98 Gold, whatever that might be).  
That felt good.

Oh, well, I guess I get to wait in line at Fry's, tomorrow.  Now I have to
consider whether this was a fluke, and I can go ahead and grab a generic 
$100 drive, or whether I should consider getting a brand name drive with 
long Linux pedigree.  The latter doesn't generally pay in the CD-R world, 
but it's still early for DVD-R.


On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, Scott Hess wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, Kim wrote:
> > I'm considering replacing my CD burner with a DVD burner. Can anyone
> > share your experience (good or bad) about using these devices with
> > Linux?
> On Thursday, I was in Fry's and they had a "Polaroid" DVD +/- RW burner
> for $150 (normally $180).  I'd been pondering purchase of a DVD-R writer,
> so, on impulse, I bought the darn thing.  It can't be _that_ bad,
> dual-mode can't hurt, and this is much cheaper than my first CD-R drive
> was, lo these many years ago.
> Replaced my CD-RW, booted, and there it was.  Used dvd+rw-tools to write a
> very very large ISO to a DVD+RW, no problem.  Though I think I'll grab
> dvdrecord (hacked cdrecord) for future use - I'm still more trusting of
> doing separate passes for iso generation and burning.  So I haven't done
> much interesting, but so far I'm guessing it "just works".  The MMC
> standard which makes any-old-CD-RW-drive work well enough for Linux
> appears to still pertain to DVD recorders.
> [Of course, this morning my brother sent me an email asking if a $120
> on-line deal for the drive discussed at
> http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.cfm?catid=40&threadid=1169286 was
> reasonable.  Darn him!]
> Later,
> scott

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