[svlug] Config mouse/gpm on Debian

Akbar Ahmed akbar_svlug at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 1 21:58:09 PST 2003


I recently installed debian woody for the first time
and the mouse was not configured. So, I did a 
# apt-get install gpm
which caused the mouse cursor to appear on screen.
However, when I move the mouse the cursor stays in the
top right corner of the screen and seams to be sending
a newline to the terminal.

I tried both cat /dev/psaux and cat /dev/mouse. Both
display characters on screen when the mouse is moved.
I also tried making /dev/mouse a symlink to /dev/psaux
and then to /dev/gpmdata, but neither one works.

The mouse is a generic 3 button wheel mouse that comes
with the Sony Vaios. Also, I do not have X running, so
the problem is in the terminal. 

Is there a setting for repeat that I'm missing? What
other settings might be the possible cause of the


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