[svlug] Need help about Debian installation

Steve Hindle steve at itsage.com
Sat Nov 1 17:16:38 PST 2003

Hi Mike,

  Sounds like the disk geometery is not being detected correctly...
Maybe ME got it wrong, Maybe Linux is.  Point is for some reason ME created 
a partition covering an area that Linux can't 'see'.  cfdisk is complaining 
that you might some day try to store data to space that doesn't exist. 
Problems like this were more common in the past (ie pre-lba days) - I'm 
really surprised your seeing it now.  Is it a large drive that was 
'stroked'? Is the drive set to LBA mode in BIOS? (Was it set to LBA for Win 
Me ?).  Anyway, the basic goal is to make both OS's 'see' the same drive 

  If your not trying to preserve the ME installation...
I'd just set BIOS to LBA mode, completely delete the partition table and 
start from scratch.

  If you are trying to preserve the ME installation...
You need linux to 'see' the drive geometery as ME sees it.  You may need to 
enable LBA mode, set the number of heads on the drive, etc.
Once both OS's agree on the 'layout' of the disk, you should be able to 


Stephen Hindle
I.T. Sage
"Enlightened Solutions for Open Minds"

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