[svlug] SCO hints at harassing Linus himself

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri May 30 16:40:37 PDT 2003

>From: David Masten <dmasten at piratelabs.org>
>On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 09:57, James Leone wrote:
>> As with many things, politics will definitely be involved with this=20
>> issue.  The court of public opinion has a jury packed with people that=20
>> have no idea what the issues are, all they think they know is "there is=20
>> no such thing as a free lunch" and "communism didn't work, look at=20
>> Eastern Europe" both unrelated to the issue, but still ringing true to=20
>> the unknowledgeable ear.
>Which is even more reason for getting the truth out. SCO's complaint is
>fraudulent, I cannot imagine that anyone can be so ignorant as to make
>that many mistakes and so stupid as to not do some simple fact checking.
>We need to get the message out that SCO's complaint is baseless and that
>we welcome and value the contributions from businesses such as IBM and
>the SCO Group's work as Caldera. Most importantly if there really are
>intellectual property problems in the Linux source code then the Linux
>community is willing and able to find solutions if SCO would approach
>the community peacefully with its specific concerns.
>It seems to me a nice media-friendly, peaceful protest can help in that

[Some of this is cut&pasted from another e-mail I just wrote.]

There are a lot of issues going on here.  I think we need to keep it clear
that the trigger mechanism for LUGs to organize a protest would be if SCO
harasses individual volunteers, whether that be Linus or anyone else.  Well,
there could be other triggers but that one would pump up the outrage factor
to the point lots of people would be willing to go to Utah.  So we don't
have to wait for a review of their claims - at least initially, we're
protesting their behavior toward us.

Other things SCO is doing wrong will have separate responses coming from
other directions.

The question we still have to ask around is whether the remark SCO made
about suing Linus is enough to trigger the protest already.  Did that alone
pump up the outrage factor enough?  If so, I think we can go ahead with
this around mid-June.  (The SCO vs. IBM suit starts on June 13.  And there
would be some symbolism to descending on SCO's HQ on Friday the 13th.)

If not, we wait for a bad behavior trigger event.

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