[svlug] MS outlaw?

Paul Cubbage pcubbage at opencountry.com
Fri May 30 11:28:20 PDT 2003

John Conover wrote:
> Going to be a real mess.

Your (entire) analysis was excellent, John!  UNIX did OK until Ma Bell 
paid attention!
BTW, a rule of thumb in the Valley is that in order to pursue a defense 
of IP, a company should budget $800,000.  Given that number, FSF is 
doing a great job defending the GPL et al but can't afford an all out 

The negative publicity and protest route has been effective so far but 
it's video and sound-bites that get on the alphabet network news 
(reality distortion ) channels.

We need an open source/free software PR strategy and campaign.  Is 
anyone out there expert in this area i.e. knows the who and how of PR?

Paul Cubbage

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