[svlug] SCO hints at harassing Linus himself

2 whole yards of computer geek fathom at armory.com
Thu May 29 14:22:41 PDT 2003

On Thu May 29 2003 8:06 am, John McDonnell wrote:
> The SCO of today is not the SCO of yesterday. The SCO of today is Caldera,
> The SCO of yesterday is now Tarantella.

Actually, it's not even that simple. Some of the upper management of the old 
SCO (esp. Doug Michels, one of the two SCO founders) is still running 
Tarantella. I don't believe there is *any* old SCO management left at 
Caldera, and when they got rid of me almost a year ago, very little of the 
old Caldera management was left in place either. The SCO Group is actually 
the poorly-integrated vestiges of three companies, under new management 
selected by the Borg of Directors.

On a related note:

I have to second Mr. Marti's plea to avoid villainizing former SCO employees. 
Appeals to "personalize" a campaign make me nervous, and while I have quite a 
bit of faith in the apparent integrity of this group, I must still beg for 

At this point there are enough ex-employees of SCO to populate a small city, 
and Open Source contributors are among them. There are also quite a few very 
nice people and excellent engineers still working for The SCO Group, hanging 
onto their jobs by their fingernails while the economy languishes around 
them. The ill behavior of the management at both SCO and Caldera has never 
really reflected the opinions or integrity of the working folks employed at 
either, and that is even more true now under The SCO Group. It would be 
really unfair to treat these people poorly because of their work history, and 
extremely ironic to do so to die-hard linux-heads like myself and dozens of 
former Caldera techies. Do what you feel you must, but please be judicious.

- Ix

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