[svlug] SCO hints at harassing Linus himself

John McDonnell johnmc at johnmc.org
Thu May 29 08:06:55 PDT 2003

On the 28th day of May, Rafael Skodlar said to me:

> Commercial software dinosaur is releasing poison pills in all possible
> places hoping that corporate decission makers will swallow them and go
> for proprietary OS.

The SCO of today is not the SCO of yesterday. The SCO of today is Caldera,
The SCO of yesterday is now Tarantella. IMHO, the best thing to happen to
the case was Novell sticking their nose in - before it was an
über-conglomerate going after a Utah company in Utah, now there's another,
more respected Utah company on the other side.

As for LUGs in the area, try PLUG in Provo: http://www.plug.org/

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