[svlug] SCO hints at harassing Linus himself

Rafael Skodlar raffi at linwin.com
Wed May 28 23:01:53 PDT 2003

Seems that fools have not run out of ammunition to shoot themselves
in the foot multiple times.

I'm not worried about it since they don't own as much as they think.
Novel surprized with very positive support for Linux and ammunition to
fight unproven alegations by SCO:

It's my firm belief that there is more to "smoke room deals" at SCO than
source code for Linux. Commercial software dinosaur is releasing poison
pills in all possible places hoping that corporate decission makers
will swallow them and go for proprietary OS.

They are loosing large accounts because they can't bribe everywhere or
fool everybody:

While flying to Utah would be fun under normal circumstances, current
harassment of normal travelers at the airports makes that a significant
challenge. Driving a bunch of cars with a mission statement seems more

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 07:48:19PM -0700, Ian Kluft wrote:
> This went up on Slashdot in the past few hours...
>    "SCO Might Sue Linus for Patent Infringement?"
>    http://slashdot.org/articles/03/05/28/2240224.shtml?tid=106&tid=185&tid=187&tid=88
> I posted this response...
>    "We haven't yet begun to show our wrath..."
>    http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=65783&cid=6063483
> It *really* ticks me off when someone harasses a volunteer.  And if SCO
> considers harassing Linus, that's a line they better not cross.
> If they harass Linus, it's going to be time to send protesters to SCO's
> Lindon UT headquarters and bring the media with us.  I'll be the first
> to say I'll be one of them.  Start thinking about whether you have vacation
> time or other arrangements you can make some time in the undetermined near
> future.  Obviously we don't have details yet, but consider what preparations
> you'll need to make.
> It's a 2-hour non-stop airlines flight from any Bay Area airport.  (SLC is
> a Delta Airlines hub - they have the direct flights.)  Or a 14-hour drive
> including stops.
> We should also re-confirm whether they moved everything out of Santa Cruz.
> Remember, SVLUG does peaceful protests.  But our history shows the pressure
> applied by these protests gets noticed by the people we intend.  (The media
> like the pictures.  Yet the police always seem to get bored by our civilized
> behavior.  Let's keep up that reputation.)  Previous examples included Adobe
> ("Free Sklyarov" protest 2001) and Microsoft ("Halloween Documents" protest
> 1998, Windows Refund Day 1999.)  Though this would be coordinated with other
> LUGs whose members come from around the continent, SVLUG has useful
> experience to contribute to the effort.
> In preparation for potential travel and protests, does anyone have contacts
> with the LUGs in Salt Lake?  If not, we can introduce ourselves.


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