[svlug] SBAY Geek Ride reminder - Sunday, May 25 3PM

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Sat May 24 22:11:35 PDT 2003

The weather looks like it'll finally cooperate with this month's Geek Ride.
This is a social bike ride for Silicon Valley techies.  It's acceptable or
even expected to bring gadgets such as a GPS, ham radio, etc.

As the web site says, the next scheduled ride is tomorrow, Sunday May 25
at 3PM.  We're sort of trying to start the event over, since several of the
regular attendees moved out of the area at nearly the same time late last
season.  The event coordinator was one of them - so I'll post announcements
and lead the rides until someone else decides they'd like to coordinate it.

For this month's route, we'll use the "Mipitas Loop".  It's a fun route that
we've ridden before.  But admittedly it's a bit of a contrived path - we
basically found a way to connect the creek levee trails to make a route
in Milpitas. :-)  A GPS plot of a previous ride on this route is at...

The ride will start at 3PM Sunday from the Cisco Way light rail station
(Tasman Drive and Cisco Way - meet in front of Cisco Bldg 7, one block
east and across Tasman from where SVLUG usually meets.)  The light rail
station is adjacent to Coyote Creek and the levee access.  We'll take
Coyote Creek north to the border of Fremont at Dixon Landing Rd, where
we'll cross I-880.  Then we turn south again along Lower Penitencia Creek
and Berryessa Creek.  We usually detour for a loop around Hidden Lake Park.
Then it's a quick hop from there to the Milpitas Town Center, where there's
food.  (Pizza, sandwiches, etc - whatever the group decides.  A bike lock
is advised for this stop.  Otherwise check before the ride who can lock
your bike to theirs.)  Then it's about 3 miles along Main Street and Tasman
Drive (all with bike lanes) back to the start.

For this route you're advised to use either a mountain bike or something with
light off-road capability.  About half of the route is on unpaved trails
on creek levee trails.   Total distance is 11 miles.  (Subtract a mile from
that if you come by light rail, since you can board at the I-880 station.)

If you can't make it this time (it is the Memorial Day weekend) then try
again next month.  It'll be on June 29 at 4PM.  Summer rides start an hour
later to avoid daytime heat.  The June route will be in the Santa Teresa
Hills of South San Jose.  And the June ride starts a few hours after
Amateur Radio Field Day ends - anyone who's participating in that event
will need the extra hour anyway.

A schedule of future SBAY Geek Rides is at http://www.sbay.org/geek-ride.shtml
and keep in mind suggestions for the August and September rides.  They've
been reserved for new routes we haven't yet done for the SBAY Geek Ride.

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