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Marc MERLIN marc_news at merlins.org
Fri May 23 16:33:40 PDT 2003

Note, this is not a local job.
I would usually not forward something like this, but eh, demand is bigger
than supply right now...

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The following is a job posting for Amazon.com. If you could forward this to
your e-mail list it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Senior Software Development Engineer 
Did you know that Amazon.com has hundreds of software engineers working on
some of the most interesting technical challenges on the planet?
Amazon.com, headquartered in beautiful Seattle, is looking for exceptional
software developers to join its growing technology organization. Our
engineers work on tough technical problems that engage and stretch their
brains. As a senior software development engineer, you might build cutting
edge product recommendation algorithms, scale and optimize our world class
supply chain systems, or architect a plug-and-play e-commerce platform that
companies like Target and Toys R Us use to run their online businesses. 
You'll work with smart, experienced teammates on a small cross-functional
team. You'll join a scientific culture focused on achieving aggressive
goals. And, you'll work on creating a world-class customer experience for
the millions of people who use Amazon.com. 
Your Talents
We're interested in smart, tenacious, results-oriented people who write code
and build systems to solve real business problems. We want Senior Software
Developers with a deep proficiency in object oriented design and
development, experience building large-scale systems in C++ or Java on UNIX
or Linux, and algorithms expertise. A Computer Science or Math degree and 7+
years experience preferred. Experience with data mining, information
retrieval, machine learning, and/or e-commerce applications is highly

Why Seattle?
It's a very livable, family-friendly city with so much to do on the
weekends! The climate is mild and there are mountains and water all around
you. You should see the view from our lunchroom! (By the way, we offer a
great relocation program to senior engineers.) 

We'll be in the Bay Area to Interview Sr Software Engineers in June
We're going to be at the Santa Clara BrassRing job fair and JavaOne in the
city in early June. If you're interested in talking with us while we're in
the Bay Area, email kayk at amazon.com (put 'SDE' in the subject line) with
your resume, info on the type of challenges you'd enjoy most, and your
availability for an in-person interview the week of June 9th. 
Want to learn more? Visit Amazon.com/jobs 
Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History. 
Jessica Jones
Account Services Manager
GO Jobs, Inc.
4500 Campus Drive, Suite 420
Newport Beach, CA 92660
jjones at gojobs.com

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