[svlug] LCD Monitor compatibility with Redhat 8.0

Rodney Crater rcrater at earthlink.net
Mon May 19 19:49:02 PDT 2003

Has anyone utilized one of the new LCD flat monitors with Redhat 8.0? I am
specifically looking at purchasing the following system:

Dell PowerEdge 600SC
3.06GHz/533 FSB
80GB 7.2K RPM IDE Hard Drive ( x2 ) - C1,533Mhz FSB Motherbrd IDE
Logitec System Mouse, Gray
32X IDE Internal CD-RW/DVD ROM Drive, for Linux

and I would like to use the following monitor :

      UltraSharp 1504FP 15-inch Flat Panel LCD Monitor
      15'', LCD, TFT, Midnight Gray, 1024 x 768 Pixels, 0.297 mm Pixel
Pitch, Hard Coating, 15-Pin D-Sub and 24-Pin DVI-D Input Connectors.
Analog/Digital connectivity. VESA Compliant

as a part of a package deal.

Does anyone see any problems I might run into?

Your thoughts are appreciated.


Rodney A. Crater

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