[svlug] Sound is broken

Larry Colen lrclug at red4est.com
Mon May 19 14:07:55 PDT 2003


Thanks for all the help.

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 01:24:09PM -0700, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 08:51:51AM -0700, Larry Colen wrote:
> > I tried adding that line, still no joy. I shouldn't have to reboot for
> > the changes to take place should I?
> No reboot needed.  Rebooting is only necessary for booting a new or
> different kernel image (/boot/vmlinuz*) and for hardware maintainance.
> modprobe complains if /etc/modules.conf is newer than
> /lib/modules/`uname -r`/modules.dep, so running depmod -a after changing
> /etc/modules.conf is probably recommended, but I doubt it will fix your
> problem.  

I know that there are also various things that you need to run a
startup script with restart to get them to work. But you have to know
which startup script and I didn't see anything in /etc/init.d that
looked like a good candidate.

> > I can't even find out what sound-service-0-3 is or where it comes
> > from. locate doesn't find it, neither does a grep of /etc
> Quoting Documentation/modules.txt in the kernel source tree, it is "a
> symbolic description of a requested feature".  It would be nice to have
> an up-to-date list of these features and what they are for distributed
> with each kernel though, wouldn't it?  I suppose you could always grep
> -r the kernel source and deduce it yourself, but that might not be an
> option for the non-programmer users.

How did I miss the -r feature of grep? I've been using a rather
convoluted script when I needed to grep the source tree. That'll be
handy.  I really ought to RTFM more often.

One problem that I keep running into is not so much there not being an
answer, or documentation, but knowing where to look.

> What seems to be happening, this is just a guess by the way, is that the
> emu10k1 driver is loading, detecting a supported card, but for some
> reason not registering the sound DSP (accessible through /dev/dsp).
> Maybe a prerequisite that emu10k1 needs is missing from the kernel.. but
> wouldn't that cause some depmod errors about unresolved symbols?  I
> don't know.

I *really* ought to sit down and play with the linux device drivers
book and learn a lot more about modules. I keep running into that old
"only 168 hours in a week" problem, and between working on the MG, the
next revision of the book, and occasionally going to the office,
things like cleaning house and working on my computers sort of fall
off the end of the todo list.

> Can you upload your kernel's .config file (it might be too big to send
> to the list) somewhere?  It is located in the directory where you ran
> your:
>   make dep; make; make modules; make modules_install

I've put it, and lilo.conf and modules.conf at:

If you want, I can email you /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog. I
don't really want to post those.

> commands from.  Also the output of 'lspci -v', 'cat /proc/interrupts',
> and 'uname -r' might be useful in figuring out the problem.

I've got those there too. Also 
[root at big4est big4est]# cat /proc/devices > proc.devices
[root at big4est big4est]# cat /proc/interrupts > proc.interrupts
[root at big4est big4est]# cat /proc/modules > proc.modules
[root at big4est big4est]# cat /proc/version > proc.version
[root at big4est big4est]# cat /proc/ioports > proc.ioports
> If you want, you can upload that info to this little PHP script I wrote
> and include the URL(s) it gives you in your reply:
>   http://tetro.net/misc/nopaste.php

I'm ssh'd in from work. I might be able to run your script in Lynx,
but I think this way will work fine.

Maybe what I ought to do one of these days is to host a intall/config
fest at my house in felton as an excuse to get the expertise I could
use there to deal with my whole assortment of system and network
issues. :) Do it some afternoon before I'm having a party anyways, to
give folks that much more incentive to show up.


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