[svlug] SBAY Pizza Reminder - Sat 5/17

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri May 16 16:21:56 PDT 2003

This reminder is sent to everyone on all of sbay.org's mail lists and
to the sbay.general newsgroup.  A copy will be sent to sbay.org SIGs:
SVLUG and Project Stratofox.

Remember, SBAY Pizzas are on 3rd Saturdays at 7PM - mark your calendar.
The next one is Saturday, May 17.  Please mark your calendars for 7PM
on the 3rd Saturdays.  Directions and location can be found at

The directions (which are also on the www.sbay.org web site) are:
* 2nd quarter 2003
  + May 17 - Round Table Pizza, 157 E El Camino Real, Mtn View
    at the junction of Hwys 237, 85 and 82.
    Directions aren't up yet but will soon be posted at
  + June 21 - same location as May

(The one suggestion so far for the 3Q2003 pizzas is to hold them
in Milpitas.)

The format of the event is social discussion related to technical and
administrative aspects of of electronic communications systems with emphasis
on Open Source based systems.  Topics include but are not limited to...
* Internet server administrivia, protocols, security, and development
* Wireless networking
* Ham Radio repeaters, transmitter hunting, and data communications
  (Transmitter hunting topics can include rockets and high-altitude balloons)
* Usenet newsgroups and other electronic discussion forums
* IP and PSTN telephony
* Broadcast radio and television
* "SBC Blunder of the Month" (formerly "PacBell Blunder of the Month")
* Dot-com demises, telecom turmoil, economic observations
* Silicon Valley local issues
* more... bring up your own subject

If you want to invite people to SBAY Pizzas from other technical groups
in Silicon Valley, we have recommended invitation text to send them at

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