[svlug] BayLISA tonight about protecting IP

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Thu May 15 12:19:16 PDT 2003

  The BayLISA speaker tonight (15 May, 3rd Thursday) is going to talk about 
  whether it's possible to protect your IP with firewalling and content 
  filtering tricks.  I think his company has software in the space,
  though I'm not entirely sure on the details.  But he's a cool dude and
  I suspect audience interaction will be high. Given how much interest
  intellectual property stuff gets at SVLUG maybe y'all might want to
  check it out.

  Sorry if you get this too late to go, but the details are:
	10500 N De Anza (Apple Campus' De Anza Three bldg)
	7:30pm to 9:30...uh call it 10. and afterdinner if you want.
	The speaker is Jim Nisbet, of Tablus, Inc.

  If you're not a baylisa member, pair off with someone who is, join up
  and they'll get a one-year renewal on their membership.  

  There'll be sushi and other snacks courtesy of the wife of one of the
  board members - she runs a catering biz, so it's all yummy.

Anyways figured I'd mention it :D

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