[svlug] Problem installing Slackware...

Jeff Walter jeff at jeffs-place.org
Tue May 13 15:19:54 PDT 2003

Evan Pierce wrote:
> Yes yes and yes - I think your machine probably has an older bios/cdrom
> boot mechanism. If your machine was older than a P1 I would have said
> that the precompiled kernel wasn't working well but a PII should do
> fine. May I humbly suggest you make the 3 boot stiffies (with PCMCIA
> support) to get around this problem.

I actually skipped having to create the 3 boot floppies, instead opting for
the sbootmgr (found in isolinux/sbootmgr/ on the Slackware CD).  Nice little
boot utility, definitely something I'm going to keep around.

Jeff Walter
jeff at jeffs-place.org

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