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William Black wjblack at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 13:12:21 PDT 2003

Hi, Matt!

I assume that these are going to be similar to an HP
LaserJet with a JetDirect interface that has lpd
running on the printer itself (which is the case
almost all the time with networked laser printers).

The lpd:// URI style requires both a location (IP
address, DNS hostname) and a printer name.  If your
printer is foo.foobar.com and it's an HP, you'll
automatically have printer "lp" created on it, so
you'd use lpd://foo.foobar.com/lp.  If your printer's
IP address isn't in DNS, you may need a URI like
lpd:// instead.

If you're using the built-in CUPS HP driver, that'll
be printing PCL to the printer iirc.  You can also
typically get a PPD file that has way more info in it
for the printer's special features (resolution
enhancement, extra trays, binding/stapling, whatever).
 This can typically be found buried in the ZIPfile
that contains the manufacturer's Windows NT drivers. 
If you stick this file in
/usr/share/cups/printers/model (iirc, and its location
also is distro-dependent), CUPS will pick up this PPD
and add it to the list of printer drivers from the web
UI.  The beauty of CUPS, however, is that this step is
optional :-).

The other nice thing about CUPS is that once you set
up the printer once on a CUPS server, all other
servers can browse that CUPS server.  In other words,
you could set up a central CUPS server that everyone
else can slave from.  The result of doing things this
way is that you can set up the printer on that main
server and it gets propagated to everyone
automagically.  I'm using this very feature at work
now to migrate everyone I can away from LPR.

Happy CUPSing!


--- Matt Billenstein <matt at vazor.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> There are a couple of laser printers at work that I
> can print to from a sun box using lpr or lp.  All I 
> really know about them is their IP address and
> make/model.  How would I go about setting them up in
> cups?  I've tried tinkering around with it, but I 
> can't seem to anywhere.  I've used lpd://printername

> and that didn't seem to get me anywhere.  I'd 
> usually use this printer by typing lpr -Pprintername

> under Solaris.

B.J. Black <wjblack at yahoo.com>

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