[svlug] reason for meeting location change last night

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Thu May 8 12:15:53 PDT 2003

I hope we didn't lose anyone with the last-minute room change from Bldg 9
to Bldg J yesterday.  We talked about how this happenned so here's an

Cisco's conference center staff gave SVLUG six weeks notice about the
change which moved us to the smaller conference center in Bldg J.
(We only use half of the Bldg 9 facility that that works fine.  Half of
the room in Bldg 9 is the same capacity as the whole room in Bldg J.)
But when Tracy forwarded along the message to SVLUG's officers, apparently
everyone thought someone else had taken care of it.  In hindsight, a goof.
(I'm not on the officers list so I wasn't aware of it.)

If it's any consolation, the event which bumped SVLUG was a celebration
for people who have been at Cisco for 5 years.  It was hosted by
John Chambers (Cisco's CEO).

I had a chance to put these pieces together on Tuesday when my next-cube
neighbor mentioned she'd be at the celebration, and when it was.  I didn't
think of it at the time that SVLUG was still expecting to be in the same
room.  If I had put the pieces together and asked Tracy about it, we'd have
probably realized the web site needed to be updated and the change announced.

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