[svlug] snagging another computers printer output

James Leone linuxcpa at netscape.net
Sat May 3 00:51:57 PDT 2003

lrclug at red4est.com wrote:

>The dyno that I've been using to tune my MG is a "smog" dyno, rather
>than a performance dyno. It won't save any of the data to harddrive,
>it only prints it out to the printer. It should not be too hard to
>write a program that would allow me to hook up my parallel port to the
>other parallel port (I'd probably need to find an old laplink cable),
>and store the data directly into a file. However, I expect that such a
>program has already been written. I've just tried a quick google
>search as well as freshmeat, but nothing immediately lept up. Does
>anyone know, off hand, of a program that would let me capture another
>computer's printer output? This would let me stuff the data into a
>spreadsheet, calculate torque, do pretty pictures etc.
UUCP copy of /var/spool/print in Linux....

.....or Bell Lab's Plan 9?

James Leone

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