[svlug] snagging another computers printer output

Tim tim at tetro.net
Fri May 2 16:43:50 PDT 2003

On Fri, May 02, 2003 at 04:16:25PM -0700, Larry Colen wrote:
> The dyno that I've been using to tune my MG is a "smog" dyno, rather
> than a performance dyno. It won't save any of the data to harddrive,
> it only prints it out to the printer.  It should not be too hard to
> write a program that would allow me to hook up my parallel port to the
> other parallel port (I'd probably need to find an old laplink cable),
> and store the data directly into a file. However, I expect that such a
> program has already been written.  I've just tried a quick google
> search as well as freshmeat, but nothing immediately lept up.  Does
> anyone know, off hand, of a program that would let me capture another
> computer's printer output? 

I don't know that it would this simple, but maybe you could try:

  cat /dev/parport0 > capturefile


  cat /dev/lp0 > capturefile

Again, I have no idea if either of these would work, but maybe it is
worth a try.

> This would let me stuff the data into a spreadsheet, calculate torque,
> do pretty pictures etc.

The data sent to the printer would be in a format that the printer
understands.  For my Lexmark E210, it is something called "GDI", and it
uses that format even for ASCII data.  I've tried printing ASCII files
without the GDI filter before, and the printer appears to just discard
it without any indication.

   - Tim

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