[svlug] Opening up ipchains for ipsec

Larry Colen lrclug at red4est.com
Thu May 1 23:28:33 PDT 2003

Heh!  It's funny how the solution isn't necessarily quite in the
direction that you're looking.  Rather than trying to reconfigure my
firewall, I just plugged it into the ethernet switch off of my new
linksys WAP router/4 port switch.

One amusing thing is that I've got an old Lucent card given to me a
while back (the lucent/ibm/orinoco pc24e card) and I've got a new
ambicom card. Now that I've got things configured on my laptop, they
both seem to work just fine under Linux.  However, I can't get either
of them to work under windows. I can't even find windows drivers for
the lucent card.

I've found something worse than oldies station that play the music I used to
listen to. Oldies stations that play the "new" music I used to complain about.
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