[svlug] mutt/procmail/nfs

matt@vazor.com matt at vazor.com
Thu May 1 13:28:20 PDT 2003

Hi everyone,

I setup a .procmailrc yesterday to filter my email into different mutt mbox
files using cats2procmailrc (see freshmeat).  Now it seems like I'm losing
messages and some messages are getting cut off when they're getting written in
the the mbox.  Everything is over NFS so maybe that has something to do with
it?  I'm a little lost.

The procmail rule looks like:

: 0
* ^(sender):.*\<owner-l2a2416_cus at .*lsil\.com\>

  | formail -f -A 'X-Cats2Procmailrc-Matching-Rule: bloom2 BLOOM2_CUS sender:owner-l2a2416_cus at .*lsil.com'

  | sed -e 's/^Subject: *\[[^ ]*\] */Subject: /' -e 's/^Subject: *[Rr][Ee] *: *\[[^ ]*\] */Subject: Re: /' -e 's/^Subject:/& [BLOOM2_CUS]/'

  : 0

and procmail gets invoked out of my .forward:

"|IFS=' '&&p=/lsi/soft/CFR/bin/procmail&&test -f $p&&exec $p -Yf-||exit 75 #mattb"

Any ideas?



Matt Billenstein
matt (at) vazor (dot) com

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