[svlug] edit a 1GB file

Rufoo rufoo2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 31 20:28:50 PST 2003

--- William R Ward <bill at wards.net> wrote:
> The MS-DOS filesystem doesn't support in-place edit
> without backup, as
> the error message said.  So you have to specify a
> backup extension
> after the -i otpion.  Try this instead:
> perl -pi.bak -e 's/record/hello/g'
> Now you will have a file x.txt.bak (NOT x.bak) that
> contains the
> original version, and x.txt contains the updated
> version.

Hmm, ok. But why does Perl need a backup when it is
anyway doing it the sed/shell/mv way? To edit a 1G
file this process is going to use 3G diskspace. If
this is MS-DOS specific, it is not clear why it
mandates a backup.


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