[svlug] using linux in schools

Robert Hajime Lanning lanning at lanning.cc
Mon Mar 31 18:59:39 PST 2003

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, George Georgalis wrote:
> I'm working on a project that has potential to provide children (k-12)
> with hardware and good network connection at one site and be the center
> of an organized nation wide network.
> The technology should give them internet access and help them with their
> studies. A very general statement. What I am looking for is ideas to
> make this more than internet browser and word processor kiosks. I'd like
> to come up with something that really engages the students, draws them
> to interact, be productive and collaborate with others in the program.
> There is no specific curriculum that must be provided so I was
> wondering what your ideas are to attract kids to the idea of network
> computing? Many people reading this might say give them a shell and
> Pascal educational modules (or some other language); but this will only
> attract a small percentage of the kids.
> I would provide all the basic types of programs, write, draw, paint,
> www, email; but I was wondering what types of resources or environment
> would draw kids in to design a db or develop their networking and
> communication skills?
> // George

Something to try is having a private Jabber server, then use the
IM and Whiteboard capable clients.

To realy use technolgy, you need to develope a curriculum around the
technlogy.  Otherwise it is just a typewriter.

One thing that needs to be taught is, how to know what sources to trust
as accurate.  (Especialy if the Internet is being used as a source for
writing reports.)


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