[svlug] edit a 1GB file

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Mon Mar 31 09:38:59 PST 2003

Rufoo writes:
>--- Will Lowe <harpo at thebackrow.net> wrote:
>> > > It's a text file and I search for a line
>> matching some pattern and
>> > > replace it with a different line.  I really only
>> do this once in a
>> > Use grep(1) to find the line that you want to
>> change, use split(1) to
>> > cut the files down to a manageable size, use
>> vim(1) to edit the data,
>> > and then use cat(1) to join everything back to
>> together again.
>> or perhaps:
>> perl -pi -e 's/^some line$/some other line/g'
>> "man perlrun" for more.
>Why even perl when sed can do the same. 

How?  To the best of my knowledge, the equivalent in sed would require
adding a redirect and a "mv" command.  That's not just sed, that's
sed, shell, and mv.  Perl lets you do it in one command.


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