[svlug] Bugtracking: Bugzilla installation, other BTS?

William R Ward bill at wards.net
Sun Mar 30 12:42:30 PST 2003

I tried using TUTOS for a contact management system and found it to be
dreadfully unwieldly, and I don't think it's meant for bug tracking
anyway.  Bugzilla is good though.


Karsten M. Self writes:
>Two questions:
>   - Anyone here with experience setting up Bugzilla for a small (< 10
>     developers) team, 1 day shot, who'd suggest a rate for setting up
>     and configuring for intranet use?
>   - What other BTS are people using?  I think I asked this within the
>     past twelve months, but it might be useful to see what's still /
>     now being used.
>I'm most interested in Bugzilla and TUTOS, though I may be swayed.
>Being packaged for Debian is a large plus (BZ is, TUTOS isn't).
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