[svlug] Thanks for SAMBA help

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Sun Mar 30 07:32:37 PST 2003

  At last months SVLUG, I asked numerous people about some problems I 
was having networking Linux into the windows world at my work.  I got 
many suggestions, but didn't get the emails of everyone,.

The key suggestion was to read the man pages for `mount`, `smbmount`.  
Duh.  I had been trying to find the answer in printed books and 
installation manuals which didn't get to the specifics I needed.  As 
soon as I got to the details about username and workgroup, things fit 
into place.  RedHat, Mandrake, and  S.U.S.E. all work.  Next a little 
tweaking on /etc/fstab made things even smoother.  

Now I also understand one of my earlier road blocks.  confDrake is a 
friendly GUI. It could easily find the file server, but then gave an 
error that the remote computer didn't want to share.  Well, there was no 
place to enter username, so of course it didn't' want to share. After I 
fixed /etc/fstab, confDrake got its details there, and worked. Now it 
would also allow get to the place where username could be displayed and 
modified.  BTW this was Mandrake 8.1.  Maybe this oversight has been 
fixed in a new version..

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