[svlug] Consoling into a cisco router

Will Lowe harpo at thebackrow.net
Fri Mar 28 13:59:02 PST 2003

Save the lines below (starting with "# Machine ...") as minirc.console
wherever your minicom config directory is (under Debian it's
/etc/minicom).  Then "minicom console" should start up a session to
the device.

Note that you may need to change /dev/ttyS0 if you're using com2
instead of com1, and that the user running minicom needs rw access to
/dev/ttyS<whatever> (under Debian adding a user to the "dialout" group
takes care of this nicely).

# Machine-generated file - use "minicom -s" to change parameters.
pu port             /dev/ttyS0
pu baudrate         9600
pu minit
pu mreset
pu mdialpre
pu mdialsuf
pu mdialpre2
pu mdialsuf2
pu mdialpre3
pu mdialsuf3
pu mconnect
pu mnocon1
pu mnocon2
pu mnocon3
pu mnocon4
pu mhangup
pu mdialcan
pu escape-key       ^A
pu rtscts           No


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