[svlug] Cell Phone Locking

Karsten M. Self kmself at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 27 22:15:31 PST 2003

on Thu, Mar 27, 2003 at 09:39:09PM -0800, Greg Herlein (gherlein at herlein.com) wrote:
> > Yes, I am asking you to change. Just because you've done it
> > for 12 years doesn't mean its right. I've seen other people
> Sigh.  You missed both my points.
> You know, my Grandmother taught me that you can catch more flies
> with honey than you can with vinegar.  You might have used
> different language in either or both of your emails if you wanted
> me to do something different.

Point remains that the request is a frequent on (I've got a canned rant
I kick out to people I see doing this -- usually sent just before I
delete their post and thread, if any), and the chief beneficiary is you.

Reason being:  in a deeply nested threaded discussion, posty a reply
intended as a new thread is likely to result in your post being ignored
by those who are glossing over or ignoring the discussion.  Particularly
on GNU/Linux lists, where most free software mailers do offer proper
threading functions (Pine isn't free software, I don't recall if it
supports threading).  Use the 'new' message feature of your mailer.

My own text:

    When starting a new mailing list topic, *don't* reply to an existing
    thread.  Instead, start a new post.

    Why?  Because most mail clients will insert the "In-Reply-To:" or
    "References:" mail headers.  And many clients use these headers to
    construct threaded views of a discussion.  Your reply will then
    appear as a response to some thread to which it's not related.  This
    is regardless of whether you change the topic or not.

    People who've decided this thread is of no further interest will
    skip over your post.  You're likely to receive fewer useful
    responses to your post.

    For your own good:  use your mailer's "new message" function, not
    the reply option, when asking a new question.

    Thank you.

...which usually (but not always) elicits an appreciative response.  The
last guy to get peeved posted a "LINUX SUCKS!" message to debian-user
last week which is _still_ going....

At any rate, you've been told now at least three times, with several
people pointing out that changing your behavior would be to your

Oh, and I managed to get a cell phone unlocked once.


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