[svlug] Cell Phone Locking

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Thu Mar 27 21:39:09 PST 2003

> Yes, I am asking you to change. Just because you've done it
> for 12 years doesn't mean its right. I've seen other people

Sigh.  You missed both my points.

You know, my Grandmother taught me that you can catch more flies
with honey than you can with vinegar.  You might have used
different language in either or both of your emails if you wanted
me to do something different.

Here, I'll give you an example:

"Hey Erik, you know, you might want to avoid replying to private
emails with a cc to a public mailing list.  Some people consider
it really rude, and they may not take you seriously if you do
that sort of thing.  Just thought I'd mention it."

See, not hard, right? (HINT: that's not an idle example).

More specifically, as to your assertion of "right": who says
that's right?

The facts are:  I posted to the list.  Aaron Porter replied to
me, cc'ing to the list.  I answered him, cc'ing the list.  That
answer happened to set the In-Reply-To value to match his email
to me.  That's what my mailer does.

Now, I'm not sure what it is that you want me to do so that my
mailer will use an In-Reply-To value that will make your mailer
happy.  If you can refer to some RFC (heck, I'll even take a
draft!) that says that what my mailer did was wrong, I'll change
mailers or hack pine to fix it (yes, I know about it's license
issues).  However, if you tell me that I should scroll back and
find some earlier message (perhaps my intitial post?) and reply
to that, just so that the In-Reply-To is what your mailer likes,
then you are going a bit far.

Is that what you were asking for?  It's still not clear to me.

So, you may want to tone down your language some.  It comes
across pretty arrogant - it's like you are telling me the 'right'
way to use the Internet.  It's not an effective way to advocate
any changes you may want.


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