[svlug] Cell Phone Locking

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Thu Mar 27 15:13:17 PST 2003

Off topic, I know... but I can't think of a better collection of
techies to ask... and the "right to use your own property" theme
is common to us here...

I need to unlock the vendor lock on a cell phone I bought on
eBay.  I can buy the clips to do it from England, but am really
just looking for a local joint that can do it for a small fee.

Google is no help, calls to local shops are a no-go as well.

If you know of the right mailing list to ask, or just flat out
know the answer, please write me off list.


PS, if you did not know it, and I certainly did not, most newer
cell phones have a "lock" set by the cellular provider when you
buy it through them or a reseller - this lock will prevent you
from using that phone on a different cell network.  Of course,
you own the phone, but it's locked out.  

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