[svlug] 'Big Iron' at Linux Users' Group of Davis this Spring: Oracle and IBM!

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Thu Mar 27 00:42:12 PST 2003

[ I figured these events were worthy of some extra-early announcement. -bill! ]

This spring, 'big iron' is coming to LUGOD, the Linux Users' Group of Davis!

On Monday, April 21st, Mark Fasheh from Oracle Corporation's
Linux Development Team will be coming to LUGOD to talk about
"OCFS," the Oracle Clustering File System:

  OCFS is a clustered database file system written at Oracle for the
  Linux kernel (as a file system module), and released as Free, Open Source
  software under the GNU General Public License.

  The presentation will describe the basics of OCFS, including on disk layout,
  advantages of extent based systems, locking strategies, change notification,
  journaling/node recovery, and database optimizations.  Mark will lay out the
  reasoning behind Oracle's design choices, what they've learned from those,
  and talk about future OCFS improvements.


And at the very next meeting, on Tuesday, May 6th, Roy Greenwood from
International Business Machines Corporation's Linux Impact Team will be
visiting LUGOD to discuss "IBM and Linux: The Big Blue Penguin":

  Roy will explain IBM's involvement in Linux - from their billion dollar
  commitment, to their own use of over 1400 Linux servers.  He will discuss
  how IBM is helping make Linux better: what they've done so far,
  what projects they're working on, and how they help Linux ISVs, BPs and
  customers.  (He'll also talk about why IBM will never make a Linux
  distribution of its own.)


Meetings begin at 6:30pm.  (Doors open at 6, and speakers begin by 7:15.)
LUGOD meets in Davis, California (near Sacramento) at the Davis Library:

  Davis Library
  315 East 14th Street
  Davis, CA 95616

Directions and maps are available online:


pr at lugod.org

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