[svlug] sftp-server processes

Robert Khachikyan rhxk at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 26 09:40:45 PST 2003

OK guys, I have a question.

I have several machines running RedHat ranging from 5.X to 7.X
and they all have ssh 2.4 (i know i know, they should be updated)

One of the machines acts as a server which it scp's to the other
machines and retrieves files. I've seen that if in the middle of
the scp transmission the connection between the 2 computers dies,
at times the client machine will have a 'sftp-server' process running
in its system for a very long time....it's a hung process that takes
CPU time. Or I will see the file if the scp log's into the machine
and finds nothing to retrieve. 

They all have been installed from the same distribution.

The weird thing is that I haven't seen this on all of the machines.
Just whichever machine and whenever if feels like not dying, it
won't die until I log in to the machine & I see it & I kill it.
Last time I contacted ssh.com took 7 weeks to get a response. 
I admit I haven't digged into this problem but perhaps one has 
seen this already?


As Always,

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