[svlug] Home Networking - I need help

Greg Herlein gherlein at herlein.com
Tue Mar 25 11:51:35 PST 2003

> On the cheap, the telco side can be handled via a couple
> decent voice modems, but the extension side I can only come

Or a Quicknet LineJACK.

> up with something like Quicknet's PhoneJack which is one slot
> per port (Stupid.) This is not a really viable solution since
> you have to manually sling voice data around in real-time.

Well, it's not stupid.  Slinging voice data around in real time
was *exactly* what the PhoneJACK was designed to do.  It's also
the only telephony card with open source drivers IN THE KERNEL.

> You Really need an all-in-one board that does the dirty work,
> yet gives you access to call processing, etc.

> You can check out:
> http://www.voicetronix.com.au/hda.htm

Gack.  Have you tried to use their API?


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