[svlug] Newbie Question

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 25 10:02:35 PST 2003

>    9. Newbie Question (Naveen Prabhu)
I guess that you have NTFS as the Windows XP filesystem and most Linux
installations can not yet shrink such partitions. 
Your choices are:

1 Backup all your data from the WindowsXP partition, then resize the  
partition with fips and/or fdisk (e.g. using a DOS bootdisk) After
installing Linux you will need to reinstall XP. 

2 Buy a copy of Partition Magic that can work with NTFS partitions. 

Option 1a is actually to diss XP alltogether, just wipe it out, forget
that it ever existed and be a happier man. 
Option 21 is to buy a Linux distribution that comes with a copy of
Partition Magic. I believe Mandrake did at one time and so does Suse. 

Hope this helped.
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