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Tue Mar 25 06:22:46 PST 2003

On Sat, 22 Mar 2003, James Colannino wrote:
> -a voice mail server for the phone to replace the answering machine,
> allowing for extensions to be dialed along with the phone number (or
> after the phone is reached) so that you don't require different phone
> lines to reach different areas around the house depending on who you're
> trying to reach.  This would also be physically connected via 100Mbps
> ethernet link to the central server where all the voice messages would
> be stored.  Or would it be better to store the messages locally on the
> voice mail server and leave it disconnected from the rest of the 

I am getting a server put together to run Astrisk on.  <http://asterisk.org/>
This is a free PBX software for Linux.  Its capabilities run the gambit,
from Direct Inward Dial on trunk lines to VoiceMail and VoIP.

> -A mail server (I could use the central server for that) for email sent
> within the local intranet.  Also, I would like the mail server to be
> used for the sending and receiving of email to and from the internet,
> along with a registered domain, thus eliminating the dependence on our 

I run a sendmail gateway at home.  I have a business DSL line, so the
problem of being on anti-spam lists is not an issue (unless I open it up
as an open relay.)


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